Give an orphaned child hope for a better life…

At Islamic Aid we are working hard to deliver the most basic necessities of life – food, water, shelter, healthcare and education – to children and their parents in desperate need in many parts of the world.

But what haunts me is the knowledge that so many children still have absolutely nothing.

Every day many children die needlessly, just because they are poor and have no one to turn to.

Donate Now to help Orphans

As a father myself, I have been thinking about this a great deal recently, because of the enormous rise
in the number of orphans. Natural disasters, such as the devastating floods in Pakistan, earthquake in
Haiti and conflicts in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Palestine and Iraq continue to take countless lives. All over the world, diseases and poverty are killing hundreds of thousands of adults a year. Every day, poverty also kills even more innocent civilians, leaving their children alone and destitute.

I can’t begin to tell you what a desparate situation some of these children are in. It breaks my heart to see orphans as young as 10 having to act as parents to their brothers and sisters. Many live in filthy conditions and scavenging for food on rubbish tips and girls barely 12 turning to prostitution to survive.

I know how generously you support our life-saving work for those in need, and I can’t thank you
enough. Now, these children need our help. Please, make a donation today of £100 or whatever you can afford, so we can do more to protect and care for the most vulnerable children of all.

In asking you this, I am thinking particularly about children like Amina. Three-years-old Amina was the youngest in a large family of children who were orphaned when their parents both died within a year of each other. They have to beg for food from neighbours. After months of hardship, a neighour sent them to an orphanage in the nearby town where they have now come back to near normal life.

Even in 2012, thousands of children still die from preventable diseases like measles. Yet 50p is all it
costs to vaccinate a child in Bangladesh. So little – but it means the difference between life and death. And through vaccinating a child, we give him or her a chance they might otherwise have been denied – to grow to adulthood, when they can then support themselves and those closest to them. Every vaccination is another opportunity to break the cycle of despair.

When a disaster strikes, children are aagain the first to suffer. The provision of basic emergency aid
like saves children’s lives. But in the long term, it takes more than hand-outs to allow children to live with dignity and attain their true potential that helps them to provide for themselves and their families. One example of how we achieve this is our Income Generation Project, dedicated to helping women and children who would otherwise have little or no income. The project provides them with the necessary skills and resources to establish and run a small business, such as sewing, trading or farming. The income they then generate is enough to lift them out of poverty and into a dignified quality of life.

Shamim is one example of the women we have helped, a widow with four children from a small village in Pakistan. Desperately vulnerable after the death of her husband and with no means to feed her children, a modest help from Islamic Aid changed their life. With the money she was able to start her small business of selling vegetables. And with the training she received from the project, she now earns good money to provide food and medicines. And children started to attaned the school again.

But, there are many others we haven’t reached and we must do more. And, this will mean so much to a child like Amina. Your donation can save and improve so many young lives.

It does not cost a lot to change an orphaned child’s life. High protein foods to prevent malnutrition,
vaccines against killer diseases, seeds to grow vegetables – these things cost just pennies. Yet they can mean the difference between life and death. And, an education means a hope for the future.

Please give what you can today to help children who have nothing.